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Low cost. High performance. Perfect Mac server.


Ready to have your own Mac server? The Mac mini is an incredibly powerful server with a low price. Colocating with allows your Mac mini to be used worldwide with stunning speed and security.

The Power of Mac OS X
Whether you go with Yosemite or OS X Server, a Mac mini server gives you all the power of Mac OS X. It's the security and simplicity you already know and love. Website, database, mail server, file whatever you want. It's your machine.

Low Price. High Performance
The Mac mini has amazing power built into a deceptively small package. But don't let that fool you. You'll be satisfied with what it can do. We guarantee it.

What Others Are Saying
Here are some recent comments about our service:

"Since its introduction in the fall of 2009, Mac mini with Snow Leopard Server has become Apple's most popular server system. It brings great capability in a small, efficient form factor that is affordable and can be deployed anywhere. Perfect for small business and workgroups of up to 50 people, a single Mac mini can run the full suite of Mac OS X Server services. A single Mac mini can also be deployed as a single-task server for a larger number of users in a business or education environment. " - Apple Inc

"One of my favorite companies...Great Support...They have great options. Super, super easy. And it's a great service. " - John Gruber, Daring Fireball

"I found out that Macminicolo provides much better service than the host of my current server...the mini is indeed capable of handling some extraordinary tasks, and the actual available bandwidth and network speeds rival much more expensive solutions." -The Unofficial Apple Weblog


About Macminicolo Macminicolo, a Las Vegas colocation company, has been hosting Mac minis since their introduction in January 2005. They are the leaders in this niche market and are known for their personal service. They currently host hundreds of Mac minis for satisfied customers located in 36 different countries around the world. Get more info on our frequently asked questions page.

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