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A look at the 2009 iMac

Unboxing and first impressions

A Look At The New iMac

Unboxing and first impressions

Even though Mac minis are the main Mac around here, we still like to let the big brother play along. This morning, we opened our new iMac and took some photos to share.

We decided to go with the top of the line iMac since it had everything we wanted and wouldn't require any add-ons.

The Packaging
The packaging is nearly identical in size and look. Below are two iMac boxes. The one on the right is the new iMac. The only differences are the images. Obviously, the new iMacs are in place, as well as the logos for iLife 09 (instead of iLife 08.)

When you open the box, it is the same styrofoam top, with the extras box slid in across the front.

The extras box has the same "Designed by Apple in California" that we have all grown to love.

When you open the box of extras, it's cleanly packaged with the small keyboard. (Sidenote, I sure wish Apple went the other way and made a bluetooth full keyboard.)

Here are all the contents of the extras box. I'm surprised that the packaging designers left two empty slots on either side of the mouse. It just makes me feel like I'm missing something there.

Once the top styrofoam is removed, the iMac is sitting in there just as before. The power cord sitting just underneath it tightly wound in the styrofoam.

The iMac has the same wrapping on the outside. I'm glad to see that the last couple revisions have the opening on the bottom so you can unsecure the wrapper and pull up. Before, it would slide on from the side and I can't tell you how many people would try to put it back on by forcing it from the top.

External Views
Here is a picture of the iMac all put together with the keyboard and mouse. It is also a fine viewing of the glossy display with me and my camera in the reflection. Just like the last revisions, it looks VERY glossy when off. When it's on, it doesn't bother me at all. (And I work with a window behind me.)

Here is a picture of the ports on the back. From the other iMac I have here, it looks like they pulled the FireWire 400 and DVI, and added the Mini Displayport and the extra USB.

Surprisingly, they still have the white AC cord. I wonder how many more revisions until they stop this madness.

I combed over every inch of the iMac, and nearly all parts are identical to the last revisions. The one change I noted is the foot. Following the design of the Macbook Air edges, the foot underneath the screen comes out to a point.This of course looks great from the front. Here is a photo of the new foot, and one comparing it to the foot of the old iMac.

Screen Comparison
As I powered up the screen, I noticed a bit cooler color. I guess I can't say whether it's an actual change, or if it's because my current iMac is just over a year old. However, I took a picture for comparison sake. Perhaps others can comment on it as they get new iMacs.

So, that's the new iMac. As you can see, there is not a lot of change from the last revisions. Though I'll surely appreciate the upgraded specs as I start using it day to day.(For the record, even with FW800 on both iMacs, it takes four hours and eight minutes to transfer 452GB of data over to the new iMac.) If you have any questions, feel free to send us an email or a message on Twitter.

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