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[NOTE: Below is the original text as written for using VNC with Tiger (Mac OS X 10.4). But, if you are using Leopard or Snow Leopard, there is a much simpler way. I've written a post called How to Connect With Screen Sharing.]

VNC support is built right into Tiger. This means you can remote control your mac from another Mac, PC or even your Palm or Blackberry.

However the functionality is a bit hidden. Here are the simple steps to set it up. Remember this is TIGER not Panther.

If you want to do it on panther it is not built in. Try these folks: http://www.redstonesoftware.com/vnc.html


1. Open System Preferences.

2 Choose Sharing


3. Turn On Apple Remote Desktop


4. This will force a sheet to drop down. Turn on VNC and give it a password. You will need this password each time you log into this Mac.

5. Be sure to Open the firewall to allow VNC traffic to come in.

6. Now go get a free copy of Chicken of the VNC at: http://sourceforge.net/projects/cotvnc/ (You cant just use a browser it won't work- you must use a VNC client like Chicken of the VNC)


7. Open up Chicken of the VNC and choose Open Connection from the Connection menu.

Host is the IP address of the mac you wish to control.

Display Port is set to 5900 by default.

Hit connect!

You can see a Video Tutorial For VNC. Or try VNC the biggest problem.


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